Join Shared Sustainability to support companies that show forward thinking that is focused on people, planet, and profits or the triple top line.  This campaign looks to produce public and environmental benefits that are both tangible and intangible by creating a platform where people can see if the product they are considering purchasing benefits a corporation whose goals are solely profit driven or if they take into account their impact on society and the environment.  As a means to create a starting point (this campaign will be continually evolving) the campaign will support benefit corporations and those corporations located in jurisdictions that have yet to put benefit corporation legislation in place but still make an effort to show respect for their employees, the environment and society at large along with profits.

As I mentioned before, this is a starting point for the campaign that will continually evolve to support those companies who show forward thinking that is focused on people and planet.  At the moment I am still adding companies to the list to support.  If you have any suggestions regarding companies to support or avoid or you find an issue with the current list please let me know!

Added 28 B Corps on 3/26/15
Added 8 B Corps on 3/30/15
Added 31 B Corps on 3/31/15

Companies to Support

Alima Cosmetics, Inc. (source) B Corp
Alter Eco (source) B Corp
Andean Naturals LLC (source) B Corp
Beanfields (source) B Corp
Bhakti Chai (source) B Corp
Bison Brewing (source) B Corp
BlueAvocado (source) B Corp
B More Organics (source) B Corp
Bum Boosa (source) B Corp
Core Foods (source) B Corp
Crepini by the crepe team (source) B corp
Dansko (source) B Corp
Dogeared (source) B Corp
Eco-Bags Products, Inc. (source) B Corp
ECO LIPS Inc (source) B Corp
Elemental Herbs (source) B Corp
EO Products (source) B Corp
Erbaviva (source) B Corp
Ethical Bean Coffee Company (source) B Corp
Fishpeople (source) B Corp
gDiapers (source) B Corp
Genuine Health Corporation (source) B Corp
Gladrags (source) B Corp
Greyston Bakery (source) B Corp
Grounds For Change (source) B Corp
Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, Inc. (source) B Corp
HomeFree Treats (source) B Corp
Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals (source) B Corp
Inti Zen (source) B Corp
Justneem (source) B Corp
Klean Kanteen (source) B Corp
Leap Organics LLC (source) B Corp
Little Duck Organics Incorporated (source) B Corp
Looptworks, LLC (source) B Corp
Lotus Foods, Inc. (source) B Corp
Love and Hummus Company, LLC (source) B Corp
Mamma Chia (source) B Corp
Method Products, Inc. (source) B Corp
New Belgium Brewing (source) B Corp
New Seasons Market (source) B Corp
Numi Organic Tea (source) B Corp
NurturMe (source) B Corp
Nutiva (source) B Corp
Ogden Publications (source) B Corp
One Village Coffee (source) B Corp
Pachamama Coffee Co-Op (source) B Corp
Pacific Superfood Snacks (source) B Corp
Pact Apparel, Inc. (source) B Corp
Patagonia, Inc. (source) B Corp
Peeled Snacks (source) B Corp
Pete and Gerry's Organics LLC (source) B Corp
Plum Organics (source) B Corp
Preserve Products (source) B Corp
Runa LLC (source) B Corp
Salt Spring Coffee (source) B Corp
Sencha Naturals, Inc. (source) B Corp
Seventh Generation (source) B Corp
Skin Care For Athletes (Morning Indigo, LLC) (source) B Corp
S.W. Basics of Brooklyn
The Honest Company (source) B Corp
The King Arthur Flour Company, Inc. (source) B Corp
The Tea Spot (source) B Corp
Tom Organic (source) B Corp
Traditional Medicinals (source) B Corp
Whole Kids (source) B corp
W.S. Badger Company Inc. (source) B Corp
Yummari (source) B Corp
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Great campaign but you mispelled "where" and instead said "were", just letting you know :)
[ - ] shepherdtate 1 points,

Fixed.  Thanks for letting me know!

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You asked for suggestions for companies that fit this description. How about Patagonia.