B Corps use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
This campaign supports all certified B Corporations. B Corporations must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. The non-profit B Lab manages certification. For more information about B Corporations and B Lab, visit BCorporation.net.

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Note: There are 967 certified B Corporations in 60 industries and 32 countries (and growing almost every week). Since Buycott has had a recent explosion in number of users, they are temporarily struggling to keep their servers and website/app development on par with demand. I will add every B Corporation as they are added to the Buycott database; so far, only the biggest names have been added. I'm thoroughly excited about Buycott's current and growing influence on our social, political, and corporate spheres. I encourage you to be patient as they finish developing a truly disruptive tool that will bring accessible transparency to consumers and human-interest to corporate board rooms.

Companies to Support

Ben & Jerry's (source) Certified B Corporation
Cabot Creamery Cooperative (source) Certified B Corporation
Dansko (source) Certified B Corporation
DEW- Drink Eat Well, Inc (source) Certified B Corporation
Elemental Herbs Inc. (source) Certified B Corporation
Looptworks, LLC (source) Certified B Corporation
Method Products, Inc. (source) Certified B Corporation
W.S. Badger Company Inc. (source) Certified B Corporation
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