The United States sees more gun crimes than the next 10 countries combined.As most other countries know, sensible gun control is the answer.
In almost all first world countries, gun control is far stricter than the United States. The US sees more than ten times the number of gun crimes as any other country. It is long past time to end the murders and pass common sense gun control.

Companies to Support

Ben and Jerry's (source) Funded gun control among other things through sale of "Peace Pops."
CBS Broadcasting
CVS Pharmacy
Hasbro, Inc.
IKEA (source) Has no weapons policy even in locations where it is otherwise legal
Levi's (source)
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
PayPal (source)
Sara Lee (source)
Staples, Inc.
The Walt Disney Company
Toys R Us, Inc. (source)
Whole Foods

Companies to Avoid

Cabela's (source) sells guns, saw massive profits after Obama election and after Sandy Hook
Starbucks Corporation (source)
Wrangler (jeans)
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misleading name

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Hello? where do these comments appear?

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Who is defining reasonable?  Hitler thought what he was doing was reasonable and obviously millions of others that fought for him thought so too.  Everyone defines their own actions an views as reasonable.  No one thinks they things they themselves do are unreasonable.

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Your list of companies and the reasons for their inclusion needs working on. Also, the standards you have for this do as well. It is not well defined as it is.

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Once you take the gun away regular people will be at the will of the bad guy weather it is a thief with a gun or a government soldier it is giving up our own protection. Do not fall for propaganda and fake news and cleverly organized acting, it all aims at one thing, to make us believe we are not safe if guns are allowed. They did the same in many countries so they could gain total control over the population. Believe me bad guys don't care if a gun is legal or not and could always get a hold on a gun if they wanted to and if they know you are defenseless more likely they will attack you. Think about it and research it more but not in the mainstream media that feeds us BS and discredits every other real news.
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Please be more specific about what you consider "reasonable."
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Nice, a new way to put GUN CONTROL! I wonder who has to do the reasoning!
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I would love to have a list of establishments that allow open carry
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Why do you think "gun control" works? The people you want to prevent getting guns will get a gun no matter what law you put in place. Gun control doesn't save lives, it prevents the people who want guns (legally) of protecting others
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What exactly do you mean by reasonable?
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leave the u.s you authoritarian trash.