Monsanto creates dangerous herbicides and is working to dominate the world's food supply. Just say NO!
Monsanto is a massive corporation that once produced Agent Orange and PCBS but now produces herbicides, and GMOs - from corn, wheat, soybeans, and even pigs.

GMOs, like those created by Monsanto, are dangerous because of the way they change our environment and Monsanto's herbicides, such as RoundUp, may cause potential health risks to plants, animals, and people alike. An interview with the researcher who reported on these herbicides can be seen here.

Monsanto's GM patents make it illegal for farmers to replant the seed from the former year's crop (a practice down for thousands of years) on the grounds of patent infringement. What this also means is that if a non-GMO crop is somehow altered, naturally, by the Monsanto GMO crops, Monsanto now owns the rights to those seeds as well - making them unplantable the next year.

These practices and more make Monsanto a shady corporation worthy of avoiding.

Companies to Avoid

Monsanto Company (source) Monsanto creates dangerous products and uses unethical practices
[ - ] sspencer200 5 points,

Is there a list of non-gmo products available? I don't have a cell phone that can use the app provided by buycott. 

[ - ] Bonnie 2 points,

You can go to for a great list. Or simply shop organic. It would be great if you would sign up for "Demand GMO Labeling" and "Support Prop 37 Donors" ... consider it like signing a petition. Also sign up for "Say No to GMO - Monsanto Products Boycott; Non-GMO Buycott." Familiarize yourself with the targets, and especially the main companies. Use that info to make your shopping list, and then read the labels!

[ - ] Angelyn 1 points,

Hello Bonnie,It's not good enough to simply shop organic anymore, as the GMA is buying up the smaller organic food companies who have 'SOLD OUT" and who have voted against prop 37 for labelling GMO'd and GE'd products.I encourage you, and all who read this to check out the following site for more extremely important infomation:

[ - ] daniel.luke.jones 3 points,
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[ - ] angryconsumer 2 points,

This is a good campaign, but htere are more companies that are using GMO tachnology. March Against Monsanto is a GLOBAL coordination to sound off about Monsanto. You can follow "March Against Monsanto" for dettails on a march near you 

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[ - ] daniela.sfr90 1 points,
If people massively stop buying this products there'll be no point to continue producing.
[ - ] VoluntaryMe 1 points,
Any company in bed with government corrupts or is corrupt already.
[ - ] gr8mommyt 1 points,

I am so happy to see an influx of information readily availible for consumers to access.  I am shocked at how easy it has been for the US citizens to have their food supply hijacked by the joint effort of the government and giant corporations.Please remember: contorl of the food supply is control of the people!

[ - ] taryncolless 1 points,
This should also include Bayer
[ - ] Kwalitisme 1 points,

On May 25th, 2 pm, worldwide Marches agianst Monsanto are organized. If you support this campaign, act and join the millions who will march next saturday.

[ - ] censored 1 points,

Thank you for starting this campaign!

[ - ] swans23 1 points,

One by one we are spreading this information to our family and friends, and they are joining us in this fight for our lives....

[ - ] PowerToThePeople 1 points,
sspencer200 - no phone, no problem: the organic consumers association has many buying guides you can print out. for buycott: we should be able to comment on other's comments
[ - ] Bonnie 0 points,

This is a good campaign, although it only targets one company, Monsanto. Please join this campaign, to get the message out to Monsanto, that we are NOT happy. But please also consider signing up for several other campaigns. I especially like "Demand GMO Labeling" and "Support Prop 37 Donors." These campaigns list companies that donated over $150,000 to oppose GMO labeling, or donated at least $10,000 to support California's GMO labeling law (Prop 37). I have also started a campaign, "Say 'NO' to GMO - Monsanto Products Boycott." The other campaigns have companies that I don't have, and I have companies that are not on their lists. Between us, we have pretty much covered the companies that stand for and against GMO labeling, and those companies, or their subsidiaries or sister companies, who are using GMO's in their products.