Support economic justice through worker-owned cooperatives & other community-owned economic institutions.
There is an alternative to corporate greed and domination.  Support the development of cooperatively owned enterprises by redirecting your financial resources by purchasing their products whenever possible.
[ - ] Hagelberg 1 points,

Any ideas how we can make it works that companies are being supported and not boycotted? I light your campaign but it may be confusing that you are calling to support and not boycott the companies.Can you provide some kind of documentation that the listed companies are really worker-owned?

[ - ] Hagelberg 1 points,

I just figured out the answer to my own questions. Campaigns list either companies they support (buycott) or companies they oppose (boycott).Now I get it, duh.

[ - ] modforks 1 points,

Please add the Tillamook County Creamery Association, Sunkist Growers Inc., and Ocean Spray.,_Inc.